Replacing Font Awesome Icons with Phosphor Icons in Web Design Workflow

In this meeting, the State Changer named Sir raised an issue about icons not appearing in his project because he removed all the font awesome icons and replaced them with phosphor icons. He discussed his attempts to replace the icons using chat GPT to generate JavaScript code, but it caused the project to crash. To address this issue, another State Changer suggested using dev tools and walked Sir through the process. They used dev tools to prototype the JavaScript lines that could be added to the workflow to replace the font awesome icons with phosphor icons. They discussed using selectors and class lists to add the necessary classes to the icons. The State Changer emphasized making minimum necessary changes and advised Sir to add the classes first and then consider removing the unnecessary ones later. The State Changer also highlighted that using dev tools was a faster way to test the code compared to going through the workflow process. Sir found the discussion helpful and the meeting concluded.

(Source: Office Hours 7/27/23 )

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