Resolving Server Issues and Automating Code Modifications

In this meeting, two State Changers named Daniel and Ivan discuss their respective issues.

Daniel is setting up X code and wants to know if there is a way to automate the process of modifying code locally and pushing it to GitHub. Daniel is informed that any command line calls can be automated, which would save time and money for the company. Ivan, on the other hand, is experiencing issues with Xano, specifically with his APIs. Ivan has been working with the Xano team to identify the problem, but it persists. He shares his screen with the State Changer and they analyze the error messages in the console. The State Changer concludes that it is a low-level problem and advises Ivan to escalate the issue to Xano, as he is a paying customer and should receive a working server. Additionally, the State Changer suggests considering switching to a custom domain with the scale plan, which would provide more control. Ivan plans to address this issue after resolving the server problem.

(Source: Office Hours 8/23/2023 )

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