Resolving User Authentication Issues with Xano and Weweb

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a problem they were having with authentication in their app. They were trying to send users to a Typeform to fill out a form, but they needed to authenticate the user and ensure that they were the correct user.

They explored different solutions, such as using preconditions and headers, but they were encountering issues with Typeform not being able to send an authorization header. They decided to create a second endpoint that would be authenticated and handle the logic of authenticating the user. They discussed using Xano to make an API call to authenticate the user and passed the authorization token as a header. They also discussed using a database request to get the user ID and ensuring that the user was authenticated before allowing them to fill out the form. They encountered some issues with replacing the token in the headers, but they were able to fix it by adjusting the input path. They also added a content-type header to ensure that the request was JSON encoded. Overall, they came up with a solution that involved creating a second authenticated endpoint to handle authentication and logic. They tested their solution and it seemed to be working well. The State Changers were happy with the solution and praised its cleverness and hackiness. They ended the meeting with gratitude for the help and expressed their intention to attend future office hours for more complex problems.

(Source: Office Hours 10/12 )

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