Restructuring Database for Internationalization and Best Practices

During this meeting, the main topic of discussion was the need to redo the database structure, specifically for the LMS data structure. The current structure is causing issues with the relational model in Xano due to the repetition of IDs for the same test and questions. The discussion then shifted to the two main approaches to database design, namely the relational model and the document model. The document model, popularized by MongoDB, allows for greater flexibility in storing different objects within a collection. On the other hand, Xano is built on a relational database system, Postgres SQL, but includes features that make it more like a document database. The suggestion was made to keep the different entities in separate tables and use references between them instead of storing repetitive data. The use of a dictionary table was proposed for localization, where each table and language combination would have a corresponding label stored in a dictionary. This would make it easier to retrieve localized labels when serving content to users. The discussion also touched on the importance of focusing on the back end before moving on to the front end, as getting the back end right simplifies the development process. Overall, the meeting provided insights into restructuring the database and implementing localization in the LMS system.

(Source: Office Hours 3/3 )

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