Secure and Personalize Email Content with Xano and Weweb

In this meeting, the State Changer named George discusses a technical challenge related to creating personalized emails. He shares his idea of using a fixed sign image for the header and then dynamically replacing the content in the email using a replace filter. The other participants provide feedback and suggest treating the email content as tokenized text, similar to a postmark template. They discuss the importance of distinguishing between code that needs to be escaped and code that does not. Additionally, they touch on the consideration of turning text into paragraphs and the complexities of email HTML. The participants also mention the need to separate plain text and HTML versions of the email. They discuss the idea of using mustache-like conventions for escaping and not escaping code. The importance of having a good understanding of what will be shipped when the email is sent is mentioned, as well as the option for users to preview the email. In a separate topic, George asks for advice on securing data for a new feature that involves storing data for different firms and their clients. The participants highlight the importance of securing the application at the main entry points and minimizing the number of API endpoints. They discuss the idea of encrypting client data using per-firm keys and double encryption models for better security. The meeting concludes with the suggestion to start by understanding the necessary structures and then exploring additional security measures as needed.

(Source: Office Hours 1/24 )

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