Simplifying API Integration for Xano and Webflow

In this meeting, David discusses his progress on a page that uploads a file with an artist's image and other information to Xano via Webflow. The issue he encountered is with the API and he shares the documentation that outlines how to create an item or a collection item. David shares a code snippet he found and asks for clarification on some parts. State Changer explains that the code is a curl request and shows David where to find it in the documentation. State Changer suggests adding an external API request function and demonstrates how to import the example code from Webflow's documentation into Xano, which sets up the structure for David. They discuss replacing the values with actual variables and customizing the code. Once the code is set up correctly, it will send the information to Webflow, creating an item in the CMS and allowing for a purchasing page to be generated. State Changer emphasizes that this approach simplifies the process and allows for easier editing within Xano. David expresses his understanding and appreciates the clarification.

(Source: Office Hours 8/4 Late )

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