Simplifying Code Integration using GitHub Gists and Webflow

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss various topics related to web development. Ray, one of the participants, talks about an upcoming mobile application he is developing using Bravo Studio. The application aims to facilitate collaboration between local influencers and restaurants. Ray mentions that he is currently facing an issue with setting up OneSignal, but is otherwise in an advanced state and will be releasing the app soon.

The conversation then shifts to a discussion about the best strategy for integrating CSS into a Webflow page. Ray mentions that he has been using JSFiddle to make edits and test them, but is finding it cumbersome to manage multiple fiddles. He considers using an IDE like WebStorm but acknowledges that it has a steep learning curve. Ray seeks advice on a better way to navigate these challenges. One suggestion is to use GitHub's Gists feature, which allows for hosting code files. The State Changers guide Ray through the process of creating a Gist and explain how to link it to a Webflow page using a stylesheet tag. Overall, the meeting covers topics related to mobile app development, CSS integration, and the use of tools like Bravo Studio, Webflow, JSFiddle, and GitHub's Gists. The State Changers provide guidance and solutions to help solve the participants' challenges in a collaborative and helpful manner.

(Source: Office Hours 12/6 )

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