Simplifying Relationships and Querying Data in Xano

During the meeting, Nelson explained to State Changer I the concept of implementing a double pointer pattern for passing data to another table. Nelson emphasized that it is unnecessary to have both tables point at each other, as it creates complexity and makes it harder to manage and make changes. Instead, Nelson suggested making a connection one way and using additional queries or add-ons to retrieve the necessary information from the other table when needed. This approach simplifies the database structure and makes it easier to fix issues. State Changer I acknowledged that they had been overengineering the solution in their mind and agreed that Nelson's approach was simpler. Nelson also mentioned the importance of extending the function stack in Xano to make the most of the platform's capabilities. Overall, the meeting provided valuable insights on optimizing database design and simplifying data retrieval.

(Source: Office Hours 6/26/23 )

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