Solving PDF File Error & Implementing API and Webhook Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss two topics: resolving an inventory bug related to adding PDF files and implementing an API for an enterprise tech client.

Regarding the inventory bug, the team identifies that when adding a PDF file, there is an error. They discuss using base64 encoding to handle the file data and suggest modifying the header to correctly identify the file content type. After implementing these changes, the bug is resolved, and the file can be successfully downloaded. In terms of the API, the team discusses creating endpoints and documenting them for client use. They suggest using bearer authentication and creating a table of valid API keys to authorize access. The team recommends including the account information in the response, using a function at the top of the endpoints to handle the authentication process. They also suggest creating a separate query group for the API to facilitate documentation and future feature additions. Additionally, the team briefly touches on handling webhooks and mentions the need to log and notify clients in case of errors. Overall, the meeting covers troubleshooting an inventory bug related to PDF files and planning the implementation of an API for an enterprise tech client.

(Source: Office Hours 2/1 )

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