Sorting and Displaying Results for Curriculum Selection

During the meeting, the main topics discussed were the display of class schedules on a calendar, offering a curriculum based on user preferences, and sorting data to prioritize class choices for users.

In terms of displaying the class schedules on a calendar, the team discussed using Webflow and searching for examples and techniques for creating calendars. They recommended simplifying the display and using a list format instead of a traditional calendar layout. For offering a curriculum, the team talked about resolving conflicts between multiple class options and recommending a single alternative or a predetermined curriculum for users. They mentioned the importance of prioritizing conflicts and suggested creating a rule set or algorithm in Xano to determine the recommended curriculum based on user preferences. The team also explored the possibility of using AI, such as ChatGPT, to assist with sorting and decision-making. They discussed feeding the Xano results to an AI model and manipulating the JSON output to obtain the desired results. Additionally, in a brief question at the end of the meeting, they discussed how to write an expression to check if an array has more than one item. Overall, the meeting focused on finding solutions for displaying class schedules, recommending curricula, and sorting data based on user preferences. The team emphasized the need for experimentation and testing to determine the best approaches.

(Source: Office Hours 5/31 AM )

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