Strategies for AI Prompts and Combining Data Tables in Xano and Wized

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss two topics: AI prompting and data manipulation.

In the first part, Anhanie raises a question about AI prompting and expresses her need to update prompts based on intersected keys. The group discusses using the sprint f function to concatenate values into the prompt. However, they realize that a loop and the replace function would be a better approach. They go through the process of implementing this method and confirm that it achieves the desired outcome. In the second part, Bryce shares his challenge with combining data from the reports and goals database in Wized. He initially tried to manually append the data but encountered issues with null values. With the help of the group, Bryce discovers that the problem lies in the timing of the data initialization. They recommend having the backend handle more of the data manipulation and demonstrate how to iterate through column values using a loop in Xano. Overall, the meeting provides insights into working with AI prompting and solving data manipulation challenges using Xano and Wized.

(Source: Office Hours 1/23 )

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