Streamlining Data Synchronization Between Webflow and Xano

In this meeting, Daniel raises some questions about product variants and the synchronization of data between Webflow and Xano. He wants to know how to get data from Webflow into Xano and keep them synchronized. The group discusses whether Webflow or Xano should be the source of truth for the data and how the data should be organized in terms of products, SKUs, and variants.

They determine that Webflow will be the source of truth for SKU data, as it is a single store. They suggest using external API requests in Xano to pull data from Webflow and synchronize it into Xano. Changes made in Xano can then be pushed to Webflow using the post and patch methods. They emphasize the importance of deciding on the source of truth and avoiding conflicts by having data flow in only one direction. They also discuss the data structure in Xano, suggesting using tables and references to better organize the data. Daniel mentions running into problems with this approach before, so they suggest revisiting the issue during office hours to troubleshoot further. The meeting concludes with a brief mention of dialogue flow, which Daniel decides to address in a future meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 2/22 )

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