Structuring Data for Attendance and Dynamic Google Docs Automation in Xano

In this meeting, Evan has a question about the structure of data for an attendance system. He explains that the client wants to categorize students based on their attendance level, which is determined by the type of block they are in. There are different ways to structure the data, either by associating each student with a frequency field or by associating them with a block and having the block contain the attendance type. The best approach depends on the business logic and whether there are other factors related to the block. It is suggested to add fields to the user table if the block association is not significant.

Evan also asks about building automation to create a dynamic Google Doc from the published reports. The suggestion is to use make for this task unless there are specific limitations or difficulties. Zapier and Xano are recommended for workflow automation and complex data manipulation, with Xano being particularly proficient in data manipulation. It is advised to use Xano when it adds value and to have make call a Xano endpoint if necessary. Overall, Evan receives guidance on the data structure and automation tasks, with a focus on optimizing time to value. The meeting concludes with thanks and an invitation to reach out again.

(Source: Office Hours 8/7/2023 )

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