Summarizing the main topic discussed in the meeting transcript, the title could be "Creating Authentication Flow and Pricing Discussion".


In this meeting, the State Changers, Evan, discussed the topic of oAuth. Evan shared his screen and sought help with the logical flow. He made changes to the logic based on his understanding, and the others confirmed that his intuition was correct. They discussed using the "has record" function and finding records by field. They also talked about creating user records and generating authentication tokens based on user IDs. They clarified the purpose of the authentication token and its encryption. They mentioned the importance of securing passwords and preventing unauthorized login attempts. Moving forward, they discussed the need to publish and test their work and mentioned the importance of pricing their services. The meeting concluded with plans to continue working on the front end and to discuss other issues with Kamir in a separate conversation.

(Source: Office Hours 2/10 )

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