Summary: "Xano - Implementing Email System and Ensuring Security with Webhooks

In this meeting, the main topics discussed were related to coding and security.

George talked about creating an accumulator variable and returning a list of aggregate CPD hours and team users. The group discussed different ways to achieve this, including using an object and sorting the team users. The second topic was about the email system. George mentioned using a vendor called Postmark and explained the process of sending client emails and tracking their delivery and events through webhooks. They discussed security measures and suggested adding custom headers and API keys to secure the webhooks. They also talked about scalability concerns, with George mentioning that most scalability issues can be solved by increasing server resources. Additionally, George mentioned the possibility of implementing a backup system in case webhooks fail. The meeting ended with a discussion about security and George expressing his concerns about ensuring the application's security. The group reassured him that he was already implementing best practices and encouraged him to continue focusing on security in his regulated industry. Overall, this meeting covered topics related to coding, email systems, security, and scalability.

(Source: Office Hours 1/25 )

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