The Power of No Code: Leveraging Tools like Xano, Weweb, and Wized for Rapid Product Development and Business Scalability.

In this meeting, the participants discussed the benefits and challenges of using no code tools in their businesses. One participant highlighted how no code allows for faster development and iteration, as they can build the product themselves while understanding customer needs. They also mentioned that the ability to do business and product design without needing extensive coding knowledge is a big shift. However, there are concerns about scaling a company built with no code tools, as there is some skepticism from investors due to misconceptions about the term "no code." The participant also mentioned the need to transition from validation to building a more technologically robust product, possibly by using React. Another participant added that these tools decrease the cost and timeline associated with rebuilding based on customer feedback. They emphasized that the key is to focus on understanding the market and applying design skills, as these are the competitive advantages no code tools offer. Another advantage mentioned was the ability to start with the user experience and design before making it functional, which helps validate the product quickly. There were also concerns about being the bottleneck for all aspects of the application's development and the difficulty of finding other developers to work with the code. However, the belief that hiring developers and using pro code would result in a longer-lasting product was debunked, as issues with deprecated features and code quality can still arise. The meeting concluded with the idea that understanding the business and having knowledge transfer is more crucial than worrying about code ownership. Rebuilding quickly is possible with a solid understanding of the business and utilizing technology to gain insights. The participants expressed their appreciation for the discussion and planned to continue exploring these topics in future meetings.

(Source: Office Hours 5/23 Extra: ReactJS )

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