Title: Exploring Integration of Xano with Weweb API for Affiliate Link Tracking

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss the issue of integrating affiliate links into a Flutter Webflow app. Nathan explains that he is using two different services, one of which is called Sovereign, to create affiliate links with unique identifiers. He wants to push these links through an API called Weweb Can Track, but is unsure how it works in the context of a native app.

The State Changers discuss the purpose of Weweb Can Track, which is to ensure that the affiliate URLs have the necessary UTM tags to attribute the referral to the correct user. Nathan demonstrates how the affiliate link works by sending a get request and receiving a unique URL that can be used to redirect users to the desired site. He mentions that it is possible to bypass the API and directly use the unique URL. To address the issue of integrating Weweb Can Track into the app, the State Changers examine the Clickout API provided by Weweb Can Track. They identify the x API key as the key component that needs to be included in the API call. They suggest routing the API call through a backend service like Xano to handle the authentication and keep the API key secure. Nathan expresses understanding of the suggested approach and mentions that he would need to create the necessary endpoints and pass the API key through. The State Changers clarify that the API key is what identifies the request as coming from Nathan, while the cookie is used for tracking users on websites. Overall, the meeting provides insights on how to integrate affiliate links and the Weweb Can Track API into a Flutter Webflow app, highlighting the importance of routing the API call through a secure backend service.

(Source: Office Hours 2/23 )

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