Title: Formatting Text Annotation Using OpenAI and Weweb

The meeting participants, referred to as State Changers, discuss the progress made on text annotation using open AI. They review the output and formatting of the entities detected by open AI and the use of a lambda function for concatenation. They also discuss potential limitations and next steps. The State Changers emphasize the importance of focusing on the specific business use case and learning from the current version to improve future iterations. They suggest using front-end tools for formatting and mention ongoing discussions in the Weweb community. They advise simplicity and imperfection in the initial implementation and iteratively improving based on future learnings. In another part of the meeting, Justin discusses issues with a payment method and shows the error message received. They discuss handling card numbers as integers or strings and plan to troubleshoot further. The meeting concludes with a mention of pushing boundaries in web development using Weweb and a request to check in with George for further discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 6/21 )

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