Title: Handling User Input and Updating Records in Account Management System

The State Changers meeting focused on two main topics: marking an account as primary in a database and updating refresh tokens in a table.

For marking an account as primary, the participants discussed the implementation details. They suggested having a button associated with each account element that triggers a post request to the backend. The post request should include the ID of the account to be marked as primary. It was advised to avoid using the position of the account in an array as a reference point, and instead use an ID that corresponds to the record in the database. Regarding updating refresh tokens in a table, the discussion revolved around the process of selecting and editing the relevant records. The participants suggested using the bank ID to identify the records to be updated. However, they pointed out that the workflow should include gathering necessary information from the user, such as authenticating with the bank using Stitch. It was recommended to separate the process into two steps: first querying all records to find the ID of the record to be edited, and then performing the edit based on that ID. Overall, the participants reached a consensus on the approach for both topics. They agreed to proceed with the provided suggestions and requested to review the progress made before further discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 1/11 )

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