Title: Sorting and Filtering Data with Weweb and Votes

In this meeting, Sir Jared asked for help with sorting and filtering data. He wanted to sort locations in descending order based on an add-on called "votes." The State Changer explained that sorting should be done using an update variable after querying all the records. They provided an example of how to do this and recommended sorting by the number of votes, specifying that the add-on value should be numeric for correct sorting. They also discussed sorting by other fields and making the sorting option descending.

Sir Jared also asked about resolving an issue related to pagination and sorting by votes. The State Changer suggested creating a new query for votes and grouping them by location. They explained how to change the query type to aggregation and set up the sorting and paging options. They ran a test query and recommended saving the changes. They then discussed linking the new query back to the main query and using the add-on "gray's location" to retrieve additional information. They made adjustments to the add-on and tested it to ensure the desired results were achieved. At the end of the meeting, the State Changer thanked the participants for their time and announced that the office hours would continue next week. They also mentioned that the recording of this week's office hours would be posted later in the day.

(Source: Office Hours 7/7/2023 )

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