Title: Troubleshooting App Store Deployment with Flutterflow and Xcode

In this meeting, the participant is having issues with deploying an app to the app store using Flutterflow. They are unsure about the error message they received and wonder if they should open a new account with Apple. They express frustration with the differences between launching a mobile app and a web app. The facilitator reassures them that launching a mobile app requires additional work and discusses the approval process and time budgeting. They suggest the participant share error messages asynchronously using Loom and promise to help them. The facilitator shares their experience with deploying to the app store and using an old Apple account. They mention certificates as a possible issue. The participant has not yet shipped their app to TestFlight or Google Play. The facilitator proposes working together to solve the deployment issues with the help of other team members. The participant agrees and appreciates the clarification that the deployment app store feature does work, but deploying to the app store is generally more work. They express concern about the suggested solution and mention downloading Xcode as an alternative, but still facing the same issue. The facilitator acknowledges the various possibilities and suggests exploring the details together. They mention Xcode Cloud builds and plan to discuss the issue further in the next meeting. The participant expresses gratitude for the assistance.

(Source: Office Hours 4/19 )

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