Title: Troubleshooting date calculations for a financial project

The State Changers discussed a problem related to calculating dates and increments. The main issue was dealing with end of month cycles and how to determine the correct date for certain scenarios. One participant mentioned a Lambda function that could potentially solve the problem. They also discussed the challenges of predicting how financial institutions handle these date calculations and how it can vary between institutions. The State Changers explored different approaches and had a discussion about the vernacular and logic involved. The conversation concluded by suggesting using a parameter or implying the maturity date to determine the mode (end of month or regular) and using the special character "t" to represent the last day of the month. They advised looking up PHP date methods for more useful tools and formatting options. Ultimately, the participant decided not to spend too much time on this issue and considered the problem resolved with the date set as thirty.

(Source: Office Hours 7/31/2023 )

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