Tracking Screens in Xano/Weweb/Wized Discussion

In this meeting, Daniel discusses his question about custom iOS screen tracking. He mentions that everything else is working fine, tracking events and app messages, but the screens are not being tracked. He asks for guidance on where to put his dart code and whether to use the manual track screen or the route observer. Ray suggests two approaches. The first is to have a custom action that runs on page startup and manually tracks the screens. The second is to use the route observer to connect the code and tag the elements for observation. Ray mentions another conversation with Rocus about the Gorouter and suggests exploring how to hook the observer to it. However, Ray admits that finding an easy solution may take more time and recommends starting with the custom action approach to get a baseline of success. Daniel agrees and asks for further guidance when he has something more concrete to show. Ray advises trying both approaches and emphasizes the importance of scalability.

(Source: Office Hours 9/12/2023 )

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