Troubleshooting and API Migration Issues

In this meeting, the State Changers are discussing some technical issues they encountered.

It starts with Nathan explaining how he sorted out a problem by deleting and regenerating certain APIs and icons. It is mentioned that the issue was not related to fonts. Eddie is then asked to share what is happening in his situation, but it is not clear what the specific problem is. David offers to look into Eddie's issue and make progress. Next, they discuss a landing page or landing instance and how some APIs and functions did not transfer properly. It is mentioned that some endpoints are not complicated to copy over. They discuss the need to clean up drop notes and the time spent on resolving the issues. One participant expresses the need for better ways to transfer and audit instances between Xano and Weweb. They decide to discuss security matters the next day. The meeting ends with appreciation for the helpful discussions and a commitment to continue these office hours every day of the week.

(Source: Office Hours 2/27 )

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