Troubleshooting and Updating Workflows in Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed an issue with the update functionality. They found that when pressing certain buttons, the update did not occur immediately and required a manual refresh. They reviewed the workflow and determined that the collection being fetched was the same as the one they were working on. They also identified that the variable values were not being updated, which was causing the issue.

The State Changers then explored the workflow and identified the steps where the variable values were being set. They realized that they needed to extract the values again from a different workflow to ensure they were up to date. They made the necessary adjustments and tested the functionality, which resolved the update issue. Next, they discussed the data source for the list items and concluded that the data binding was not being updated properly. They discussed the workflow responsible for updating the banks and identified a centralized workflow that handled data updates. They suggested modifying this workflow to include the necessary actions to update the variable values and ensure the data binding is accurate. However, they found that the changes did not reflect immediately for all buttons, indicating that the other workflow also needed adjustments. Lastly, the State Changers briefly discussed whether to perform filtering on the backend or frontend side of the application. They agreed that filtering on the backend was preferable for better performance, but acknowledged that frontend filters could provide faster feedback to users. They suggested doing most of the filtering on the backend and only resorting to frontend filtering for performance-critical scenarios. Overall, the meeting identified the issue with the update functionality, found the root cause, and made the necessary adjustments to fix it. They also discussed best practices for filtering data on the backend and frontend.

(Source: Office Hours 9/4/2023 )

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