Troubleshooting and Updating Xano Function for API Request

In this meeting, the participants are discussing how to create a new function in Xano to make an API request. They discuss the URL, parameters, body, and headers that need to be set for the request. They use hopscotch as a reference for setting up the function correctly. They encounter some issues with the content type header and the new line character in the XML body. They make adjustments to the headers and XML formatting to resolve these issues. The meeting concludes with the participants observing a successful 201 response from the API request. They note that while the request was successful, they need to confirm if the data sent to the API matches what was intended. Overall, the meeting focuses on setting up a new function in Xano for an API request and troubleshooting issues along the way.

(Source: Office Hours 7/25/23 )

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