Troubleshooting API call looping issue

In this meeting, the State Changer (Justin) is seeking help with looping through an API call and saving each item that comes back. They are trying to narrow down the loop and ensure that it saves every single item. The meeting participants discuss using stop and debug to examine the results of the API call and determine the JSON path. They also discuss extending the timeout for external API calls and suggest using the dot syntax to access the desired data. The State Changer shares their code and the participants confirm that they should iterate over the "stores" object. They discuss checking if the record already exists in the database and then either adding or editing it based on the outcome. They suggest placing the necessary code inside the loop and recommend creating the auth header before the loop starts for efficiency. The participants address an issue where the loop was not iterating over the stores and realize it may be due to a timing out problem with the API call. They suggest putting stop and debug inside the loop and demonstrate how to access the "item" object within the for-each loop. They advise the State Changer to make decisions and perform actions for each store in the loop. Finally, they provide some tips on using the dragging functionality in Xano. Overall, the meeting provides guidance and solutions for the State Changer's looping and API call issues.

(Source: Office Hours 2/16 )

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