Troubleshooting API Integration: Xano, Weweb, and Initial Debugging

In this meeting, the State Changers (participants) discuss API integration and troubleshooting. They start by examining the documentation for an identity verification API and discuss the required parameters for making a request. They also mention the need to manipulate the returned object to obtain the date and time of the customer location.

Next, they discuss the construction of the API call on the Xano side and mention taking inputs from Weweb for device IP address and device GPS. They generate a random UUID for the merchant session ID and set the API request parameters using environment variables. Then, they move on to discussing Weweb, where they mention running a test on a button click to fetch the user's location, IP address, and set them to variables. They express uncertainty about how to initialize the API call using Weweb and mention the need for debugging. One participant suggests isolating the problem by focusing on using run debug to send good information from Xano. They advise not bringing Weweb into it yet and propose trying a run debug with customized IP address and latitude values. They mention that the client can get their IP address from headers. They proceed to perform a run debug and observe the response and headers. They realize that the API request is missing the device IP address and GPS values and add them. After another run debug, they notice that the customer ID is also missing and attempt to locate it in the documentation. Despite the missing customer ID, they consider the progress made in getting the API working with hand-holding assistance as a positive outcome.

(Source: Office Hours 2/6 )

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