Troubleshooting Checkbox Integration between Webflow and Xano

In this meeting, the participants discussed a technical issue related to sending a boolean value from Webflow to Xano via an API request. One participant shared their screen and explained the problem they were facing, where the boolean value was being sent as "on" instead of true/false. They attempted to use a jQuery function to resolve the issue but were unsure if it was implemented correctly.

The discussion continued with suggestions to use the `.prop` or `.attr` functions to handle the boolean value, but it was uncertain which one would work. The participant made some changes to their code and sent another API request to Xano, which returned the expected false value. However, when checking Xano, the value still displayed as true, indicating a potential issue with how the data is saved or displayed. Towards the end of the meeting, another participant raised a question regarding error trapping, but it seems there was no in-depth discussion or resolution regarding this matter. Overall, the meeting provided some progress on resolving the boolean value issue, but further investigation and testing were required.

(Source: Office Hours 5/11 )

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