Troubleshooting Count Function for Xano Database Query

During the meeting, the State Changer discussed an issue with the count function that they had created the previous day. They explained that when they ran the function for the NFL, they were getting a result of 404 instead of the expected 1055. They walked through the code and identified that there might be an error in the filtering process. They decided to use the debugger to investigate further. They analyzed different variables and filters in order to pinpoint the problem. They discovered that some players had null values for their headshot name, which was causing the count to be incorrect. They adjusted the filter criteria and re-ran the function to validate the fix. The State Changer then proceeded to assess the same issue with the NHL and made similar adjustments to the filter criteria. They tested the code again to confirm that the count function was now working correctly.

(Source: Office Hours 11/9 )

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