Troubleshooting Cryptography with Xano and Circle API

In this meeting, the participants discuss the issue of implementing cryptography in a project using Xano. Gautier is trying to encrypt data for a Circle API integration, but is encountering difficulties. Gautier shares his screen and explains his attempts to use the code reader in Xano's Lambda functions. However, there are compatibility issues with the CryptoJS library and the require statement. Ray, a State Changer, clarifies that Xano supports the node crypto library instead of CryptoJS and provides a link to the correct documentation. Ray suggests that Gautier submit the details of the issue through the State Change contact form so they can help more effectively. Ray emphasizes that cryptography is a complex subject and will require patience and a clear understanding of the desired outcome. He offers to provide further assistance and suggests joining the State Change community. The participants agree that ongoing support will be necessary for this and future challenges.

(Source: Bonus - Ray At Xano Office Hours 9/12/2023 )

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