Troubleshooting custom domain setup and publishing challenges in Webflow

In this meeting, Ray and David discuss the challenges David is facing with his Webflow websites and custom domains. David is trying to set up an admin subdomain, but it keeps redirecting to the main site instead. They go through various troubleshooting steps and try different solutions, such as republishing the sites, changing domain settings, and disconnecting/reconnecting custom domains. They also discuss the possibility of caching issues and try accessing the subdomain from different browsers. Eventually, they discover that one of the websites is not on a paid plan, causing some limitations. They downgrade the plan on one site and upgrade it on another. Throughout the meeting, they discuss the complexity of connecting custom domains and the challenges of website publishing and setup. Towards the end, David mentions his plan to remove unnecessary elements from the default site to make future development easier. They conclude the meeting by mentioning that they have made progress and may continue working on the remaining questions at a later time.

(Source: Office Hours 7/15 )

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