Troubleshooting data import and API integration for Xano and Weweb

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a challenge they were facing related to importing CSV files into a database. They had successfully imported the data into a table called ARV comps, but the challenge now was to associate this data with an Epic ID. They discussed the different fields in the data and how they could potentially use certain identifiers to link it to the correct Epic ID. They also explored the possibility of passing the ID back from the front end when uploading the file. One participant pointed out that the current API call for importing the file needed to be changed from a GET request to a POST request. They cloned the API and updated it accordingly. The solution was not fully implemented during the meeting, but they discussed how it could be integrated into their Weweb platform. They acknowledged that more work needed to be done to wire everything together and sync it up, but they were optimistic that it would save them manual labor once finalized. The meeting ended with a reminder to continue working on the solution and the suggestion to attend office hours the next day for further discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 9/29 PM )

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