Troubleshooting Data Shaping and Consumption with Xano and Webflow

In this meeting, the participants discussed the shaping and consuming of data in Webflow and Xano. David presented his request and explained how he aligned the names of various components. He mentioned going through Webflow and Xano to make sure everything was lined up. David then explained the process he followed, including using a function stack to look for specific variables and setting up objects and parameters. He also mentioned encountering some difficulties with variables and objects.

At this point, Ray suggested focusing on inputs and outputs instead of the specific steps taken. They decided to send the data to different endpoints to better understand what was being received. They discussed using a separate Webflow site or a webhook site to analyze the output. They made adjustments to the code and ran it again to observe the results. During their analysis, they noticed errors indicating that certain fields were not recognized by Webflow. They discussed the possibility of capitalization affecting the naming conventions and made changes accordingly. They aimed to iteratively solve the issue and experiment with different configurations. They also explored inspecting the Webflow CMS page using the dev tools to obtain more information about the fields and their slugs. However, they were unable to find the specific slugs they were looking for. Finally, Camir expressed his intention to learn from the discussion and work on his own tasks. They agreed that he would proceed with his query, followed by a discussion with Anaya. They planned to revisit David's progress later in the meeting to continue troubleshooting and identifying solutions.

(Source: Office Hours 8/15 )

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