Troubleshooting document upload to Xano using Weweb and JavaScript

In this meeting, the State Changers are discussing an issue with uploading documents from the Weweb app to Xano. The State Changer is unsure if they are implementing the JavaScript correctly and if they should use a different approach. The other State Changer reassures them that there are multiple ways to solve the problem and suggests that if the current method is not working, they can easily replace it with another component or JavaScript snippet.

The State Changer tries testing the upload but it doesn't work. They check the request history and find that nothing is being sent to Xano. They then inspect elements in the browser to see the network traffic and see that the file is not being uploaded. They identify an issue with the query selector for the file element. They replace query selector with get element by ID and test again. This time the upload runs but there is still an error related to not being able to read files. They investigate further and find that the ID of the file element is correct and try copying the code for further analysis. They plan to share it in a community forum for assistance. They also briefly mention another topic related to extracting information from documents and adding it to Xano, but they decide to focus on resolving the current upload issue first. Finally, the meeting shifts focus to another participant named Michael, but no further details are provided.

(Source: Office Hours 6/26/23 )

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