Troubleshooting file uploads in Flutterflow and Xano

During the meeting, the participants discussed various issues related to sending data from Flutterflow to Xano. Greg expressed his concerns about the stability and completeness of the Xano platform and felt that it was not fully developed. They also discussed the possibility of using a endpoint for testing.

They then moved on to analyzing the code in Flutterflow, specifically looking at the upload functionality and the request body. They made changes to the file content and file name variables in Xano and tested the results. They also explored the possibility of using the file bytes directly. Throughout the meeting, they encountered issues with the data not being sent correctly from Flutterflow to Xano. They attempted different approaches and ran tests, but were unable to resolve the issue. They suspected that the problem might be with Xano's pre-processing of the requests. At the end of the meeting, it was decided to reach out to Xano support to report the issue and seek further assistance. The meeting concluded with the participants agreeing to keep each other updated on any progress made. However, it's worth noting that this summary is quite long and detailed. It may be more effective to condense the information into key points and highlight the main challenges and actions taken during the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 1/9 )

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