Troubleshooting Functions and Conditional Statements for Consolidated Debt Schedule

State Changer, Cameron, discussed a coding issue during the meeting. He mentioned that he had made some improvements to his code over the weekend and decluttered his while loop by using function within functions. However, he encountered a problem with a massive sub if statement in his consolidated debt schedule function. He identified the problem but was unsure how to solve it. He wanted to decouple an update variable into another if statement, but was concerned about the blank else statement breaking his function. Cameron expressed his confusion about how to handle the blank else and sought advice on solving this issue. After discussing it with the State Changer, It, Cameron realized that if the if condition is not met, he doesn't need to run the function for fiscal periods. Instead, he can use a null check to determine if the function should be run. With this insight, Cameron felt confident that he had found his answer and thanked the State Changer for their assistance. The meeting ended with a decision to focus on other topics during the next meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 8/14/23 )

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