Troubleshooting image upload and deletion process of Xano and Uploadcare

During the meeting, the participant discussed the issue they were facing with Uploadcare and the API. They also mentioned an error they encountered with the gallery when there was only one image. They questioned whether it was a common JavaScript issue or a bug in their code. They confirmed that they were getting data from Xano on the backend and Uploadcare on the frontend. They explored the possibility of a delay in the Uploadcare backend causing the issue. The participant also asked about the order in which data is uploaded to Xano and Uploadcare. They identified that new images are uploaded to Uploadcare first and then displayed on the page. They discussed a proposal to improve the process by sending information from Webflow to Xano and then from Xano to Webflow using an external API request. This would allow for better logging and debugging of the data being sent. They resolved to implement this approach later. The participant also discussed the issue they were facing with deleting a particular image using a GET request. They wanted to identify each item in their images by its ID and use that ID to retrieve additional information from Xano. They received guidance on how to structure the code and add an event handler to handle the delete action. They also discussed improvements they could make with the favorites button and the possibility of creating documentation or a video tutorial to share their solution with others.

(Source: Office Hours 9/1 Extra - jQuery and Javascript event handling in Webflow )

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