Troubleshooting issues with data scraping and background tasks

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss two main issues.

First, they discuss a problem with scraping information from an Airbnb reservation email. They want to extract the reservation ID and amount from the email dynamically, but are currently unable to do so. They discuss the possibility of using a service like Parseur or hiring someone to handle the scraping for them. Second, they discuss a background task that is not inserting values into the database as expected. They go through the code and identify an error related to the date formatting. They make some changes to the code, add a guard pattern, and make sure the data is being inserted into the correct fields. However, they realize that the function is taking much longer to run when triggered from the background task. They suspect that there might be an issue with the API request or response and plan to log the data to gain more insights. Overall, they make progress on the scraping and database insertion issues but still need to address the slow execution time and further investigate the API request and response.

(Source: Office Hours 8/3 )

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