Troubleshooting Issues with Xano and Weweb: Debugging, Field Names, and Acting as Company

In this meeting, the State Changer named Adam shared his screen to discuss an issue he was having with an error message when initializing a function stack. The group troubleshooted the issue and discovered that the problem was related to the field name being a string instead of an integer. They made the necessary changes to the field name and resolved the issue.

They also discussed the topic of using "set if not null" and clarified that it is typically used when dealing with boolean values that are either true or false. They mentioned that having a third state of null for boolean values doesn't add much value. Furthermore, they discussed a scenario where an admin of a company can toggle a switch to act as that company. They explored the idea of using a variable in the function stack to handle this logic and suggested creating a separate endpoint to simplify the process. They provided steps on how to achieve this functionality. Finally, they addressed a question about setting a field to null when turning off a toggle. They recommended using a conditional statement in the function stack to check if the value is empty and then perform a database request to update the field accordingly. Overall, the meeting focused on troubleshooting and providing solutions for various issues related to the functioning of the system being discussed.

(Source: Office Hours 9/8 )

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