Troubleshooting JavaScript and API integration for Xano and Weweb


In this meeting, the State Changers discussed an issue with populating a form using JavaScript code in a Webflow project. They noticed that the screen sharing wasn't working properly and made adjustments to ensure it was functioning correctly. The discussion then focused on the JavaScript code and how it was fetching data from a Xano API. They realized that the code was making a POST request instead of a GET request, which was causing the issue. They made changes to the code to fix this and confirmed that the GET request was now working correctly. The State Changers also discussed the structure of the code and identified some inconsistencies with variable names and syntax. They made changes to ensure that the code was accessing the correct data and using the correct syntax. Overall, the meeting helped the State Changers resolve the issues with populating the form and retrieving data from the API. They made necessary adjustments to the JavaScript code and confirmed that the changes were successful.

(Source: Office Hours 7/7 )

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