Troubleshooting JavaScript integration with Xano API in Webflow

In this meeting, Nathan discusses his ideas of extracting an ID from a URL link using JavaScript. He explains that Chad GPT recommended using JavaScript for this task. He shares his code and asks for feedback on how to include an element into any element on the page with a specific YUID ID. The team makes suggestions and resolves some syntax errors. Nathan explains his goal of pulling in three fields from the URL and tying them to text fields on the page. They discuss simplifying the syntax using async/await keywords. There are some adjustments made to the code to fix syntax errors and improve readability. They save the code and preview it in Webflow, but encounter some errors related to the Xano client and API endpoint. The team provides suggestions to fix these issues and Nathan will further investigate them in the future.

(Source: Office Hours 2/22 )

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