Troubleshooting Nonprofit Search and Backend Functionality

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed an issue with the nonprofit search feature. They observed that when a blank search was entered, the feature did not work properly. They examined the network tab in dev tools and discovered that the search was automatically sent but did not return any results. They determined that there was a difference between not setting the search and setting it to a blank string. To solve the problem, they proposed making changes on the back end. They suggested creating a variable called "search" and using an if condition to check if the search is empty. If it is, they would update the search to a default value. They made adjustments to the query to use the variable instead of the input. After making these changes, they tested the search feature and confirmed that it was delivering the expected results. They also discussed a separate issue with the accordion buttons not working correctly. They suspected a timing problem and suggested investigating where the click event hooks were being set up in the code. They also mentioned the need to redeem the access code for the authorization code to proceed with the next steps.

(Source: Office Hours 1/5 )

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