Troubleshooting Paddle API with Xano: Issues with Pagination and Multiple Values

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss a problem with the Paddle API. The issue is with the "list subscriptions" endpoint, specifically with the "after" and "status" query parameters. The State Changer is having trouble understanding how to send the "after" parameter without a value and how to send multiple values for the "status" parameter.

The State Changer explains that they have tried constructing the API request using the "set if not null" filter for the "after" parameter, but it doesn't work as expected. They also try sending multiple values for the "status" parameter separated by a comma, as specified in the documentation, but it results in an error. The other State Changers suggest checking if the documentation is correct or if there is an error in the API. They recommend sending a ticket to Paddle for clarification and providing a detailed example of the request made in Xano. They also suggest using a tool like to inspect the request sent and verify if it matches the expected format. As a last resort, they suggest making two separate API requests, one for each value of the "status" parameter, and manually combining the results. The State Changer agrees that this issue won't hinder their progress but still wants to find a resolution and will reach out to Paddle for further assistance.

(Source: Office Hours 8/16/2023 )

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