Troubleshooting Performance Issues with Xano and Weweb

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed an issue with removing elements and improving performance on a web page. They mentioned removing a navigator panel and trying to reload the page, but it didn't have an immediate performance improvement. They discussed using document.querySelector to count the number of elements on the page and found that the page was still crashing. They looked at the JavaScript heap size and observed that it was large and inefficiently utilized. They discussed the possibility of closing the inspector on the left-hand side to see if it improved performance. They also considered that the memory leak might be a result of the web platform they were using. They suggested sharing the performance stats with the platform's developers to help them identify and fix the issue. Additionally, they discussed the option of splitting the page into multiple pages to improve performance. They concluded the meeting by agreeing to wait for feedback from the platform's developers and encouraged open communication among the group.

(Source: Office Hours 9/12/2023 )

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