Troubleshooting Postmark integration with Xano

In this meeting, Carrie discusses her progress in setting up Postmark with Xano. She has set up a template and wants to send a password reset email using Postmark. Carrie shares her screen and asks for guidance on what steps to take. The State Changers suggest reviewing the template in Postmark and ensuring that the action URL is correctly set. They also recommend copying a curl example from Postmark's code examples. They suggest updating the variables and ensuring that the sender's email address is verified in Postmark. Carrie confirms that she has a verified email and runs a test using Xano's debugger. The test is successful, and Carrie expresses her gratitude for the support. She plans to continue working on the implementation and mentions that she now has a better understanding of the process. The meeting concludes with the suggestion to reach out if any further issues arise.

(Source: Office Hours 1/24 )

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