Troubleshooting text encoding and inner join issues in Xano-Weweb integration

In this meeting, the participants discuss two issues.

The first issue involves a terminal error related to a specific error message stating that the string is not well formed UCS sixteen. The problem occurs when backspacing emojis in a caption, and it seems to be related to the text output being sent from Zano. The participants discuss potential solutions, including cleaning up the text through filters in Xano, as well as handling the issue on the front end before sending the data to the back end. The importance of data hygiene and keeping records for regression testing is emphasized, and the participants agree to experiment with different filters to find a solution. The second issue revolves around a join query not working as expected. The join query is supposed to show event posts based on specific criteria, but it is not returning the expected results. The participants examine the query and database tables involved in the join, and they identify that the issue lies in using an inner join instead of a left join. The inner join requires there to be corresponding records on both sides of the join, leading to some records not being caught in the query. The participants discuss different approaches to solving this issue, including making the user follow themselves or using a left join instead. They also discuss the performance impact of different join types and the importance of optimizing for bottlenecks that have the biggest impact on users. Overall, the meeting covers troubleshooting a terminal error related to text output and finding a solution through text filters, as well as resolving an issue with a join query by using the appropriate join type and considering performance optimization.

(Source: Office Hours 12/20 pm )

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