Troubleshooting TypeForm Integration and Working with Complex Data Structures

In this meeting, Ron, a State Changer, raises two questions. The first question is regarding TypeForm, and the second question is about configuring basic authentication. Ron mentions that he is not very experienced with handling APIs and seeks guidance on how to move forward. He explains that they have a website where users fill out a questionnaire, and the data is sent to Xano and Webflow via a webhook. They then want to redirect users to a page with recommended packages and integrate with B Post for shipping labels. Ron mentions that he found B Post's API documentation to be unhelpful. The State Changer advises Ron to create a post about the XML problem and provide a link to B Post's API documentation. They suggest focusing on the specific requirements and using Xano's tools to manipulate the data. The State Changer also recommends using the stop and debug feature in Xano to test and refine Ron's code. They encourage Ron to post any further questions or issues on the forum or bring them up in future office hours.

(Source: Office Hours 7/7/2023 )

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