Troubleshooting User Creation Error in Xano

In this meeting, Pavel discusses a problem he is experiencing with user creation in Zano. He explains that he is getting an error related to a duplicated record and the issue seems to be with the condition checking if the email exists. The State Changer tries to understand the problem by looking at the code and the inputs and outputs of the request that gave the error. They suggest adding an event log to increase transparency and suggest creating a new database table to dump the data from crypto one. They go through the steps of creating the table and adding a record with the data from crypto one. After some troubleshooting, they realize that the problem lies in the unique index on the handle field, which should be on the email field instead. The unique index is causing duplicates and violating the constraints of the table. They fix the issue by correcting the index. Overall, the meeting addresses a specific problem with user creation, identifies the cause of the issue, and provides a solution.

(Source: Office Hours 8/18/2023 )

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