Troubleshooting Webflow and JavaScript Integration for Dynamic App Building

In this meeting, the main objective discussed was to fix an issue with a box that toggles and a list of picks that go into a submission. The components of the submission were attaching at the bottom instead of where they should be. The meeting participants discussed the use of set attribute and clone in the code and how it relates to Webflow tutorials. They also discussed the structure of the page and the elements involved, such as the submission wrapper and components container. There was confusion about the hierarchy of these elements and the issue with attaching the components at the bottom. It was suggested to create a new component as a div instead of a grid and apply the appropriate classes to it. The meeting also touched on the use of JavaScript in solving layout challenges and the benefits of using frameworks like React for more dynamic applications. The meeting ended with the participant acknowledging the suggestion and planning to further explore it during office hours.

(Source: Office Hours 4/3 )

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